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Conference Information
Year Convene Explanation File Download
2020 Yes 資料下載
2019 Yes 2019.05.21--Tayih 1521 conference PDF 資料下載
2018 Yes 2018.04.12--Tayih 1521 conference video 無相關檔案
2018 Yes The Company is to hold an investor/press conference for financial results 資料下載
2017 Yes 106.04.07--Tayih 1521 conference video 無相關檔案
2017 Yes will invited to participate in Operating Performance Presentation held by TWSE. 資料下載
2016 None Not held 無相關檔案
2015 None Not held 無相關檔案
2014 None Not held 無相關檔案
2013 None Not held 無相關檔案