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Internal Auditing Organization and Operation
Internal Audit
The Internal Audit Office is an independent unit with designated personnel who report directly to the Board of Directors. It is responsible for the examination and assessment of the internal controls of the Company’s financial, sales, operations and management departments. All departments, including those of the subsidiaries, are subject to its audit.
Regular internal audits are executed according to an annual audit plan. Special audit projects are implemented as needed. These audits enhance internal control and provide timely recommendations for future improvements. In accordance with corporate governance, audit reports are submitted on a regular basis and reviewed by the Inspector , as well as presented to the Board of Directors by the Chief Internal Auditor. The Internal Audit Office also examines the mechanisms and results of self-evaluations by departments and subsidiaries to ensure strict implementation. In addition, it generates and consolidates related inspection reports for the President and the Board of Directors to evaluate the overall efficiency of existing internal control systems before generating an internal control system statement.