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Major Internal Policies
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Articles of Incorporation 大億交通-公司章程
Shareholders' Meeting Rules and Procedures 大億交通-股東會議事規則
Rules and Procedures of the Meeting of Board of Directors 大億交通-董事會議事規則
Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Independent Directors 大億交通-獨立董事職責範疇規則
Director Election Regulations 大億交通-董事及監察人選舉辦法
Compensation Committee Charter 大億交通-薪資報酬委員會組織規程
Operating Procedures of Aquisition or Disposal of Assets 大億交通-取得或處分資產處理程序
Operating Procedures of Fund Lending 大億交通-資金貸與他人管理辦法
Operating Procedures of Endorsement and Guarantee 大億交通-背書保證管理辦法
Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles 大億交通-公司治理實務守則
Corporate Social Responsibility Principles 大億交通-企業社會責任守則
Code of Ethical Behavior 大億交通-道德行為準則
Operation of Preventing Insider Trading 大億交通-防範內線交易作業